About Us

It all started with a lonely, half squeezed tea bag in the bottom of the sink. This was a common occurrence in our household, often accompanied by that classic drip trail which made its way across the kitchen bench. It was an ongoing problem and one we believed many other kiwi households faced on the daily. We found ourselves thinking "There must be a better way!"

Sheer curiosity led us down a long, interesting, unknown research and development journey, one that lasted over eighteen months. Copious cups of tea and tastings in the kitchen later, Nuud Brew was born - freeze dried, instant tea, that dissolves in hot water. A new age brew where the tea bag has been whipped off completely, offering no mess and no waste. No more contorted tea bag to biff and no more messy drip trail to clean up. Our brew is ready in seconds, so say goodbye to steep time and forgotten, cold cups of tea. What's more it can be made with one hand, which for those of us who have tried to drain a boiling tea bag from a cup of tea with a baby on our hip, is a game changer! (Four kids deep, we know what we're talking about). Because of Nuud Brew's freeze fried / powdered form, you can control the consistency and the strength of each and every cup. And last but certainly not least, we're going to mention the microplastic's. Billions of these tiny critters can crash you cuppa tea in one single serve. Another great reason to ditch the tea bag. Better for YOU and better for our environment. 

While Nuud Brew's products may be contemporary, values that are associated with a traditional cup of tea remains the same. The simple act of flicking on the jug, connecting and reflecting, with a friend or on your own, can create a space to chat, to share and check in on our mental health and wellbeing. We think this is pretty awesome.

Nuud Brew has been created right here in Aotearoa, with you, your lifestyle and the environment in mind. It's an all round better brew option for your classic cuppa tea. We are honestly so happy you dropped by and appreciate you supporting our business. It's a brew-tiful thing you know!

We really do hope you jump on board this tea revolution and take time for you with a cup of Nuud Brew.


Cute pic of Founder, Chloe and Nuud Brew's youngest team member, Fern.